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Generator Service & Repairs

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AMC-Annual Maintenance Contract

Equipments are highly vulnerable devices if not managed properly. The damage may be life threatening to the machine and the people. We provide full life cycle service and support.

Repairs and Overhaul

Maac Power has a dedicated workshop with overhaul facility with professional and experienced engineers to ensure that the errors are rectified in full.

Remote Monitoring

MAAC Power introduces advanced feature of remote monitoring of power generators. With this, all the critical health checks can be done without being physically present on the site. Using remote monitoring systems, all the live values of a remote power generator can be monitored and controlled.

maac power

Remote connection to the device is established via Internet or cellular network (GSM and 3G). Communication between the device and the remote user is encrypted and is therefore secured.

Load & Fuel Management

Load Management Systems

Maac Power have designed a network of load management devices which will ensure higher value for money invested. Our assets includes synchronizing panels, ATS and feeder banks etc.

Fuel Management Systems

We provide environment friendly fuel tanks with 100% resistivity on drain or evaporation. Our Fuel management system enhances the productivity of fuel being used. Our stock of auxiliary tanks ranges from 50gallon to 1000 gallon.


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Its Maac Power endeavor to convert our business model towards environmental sustainability. We work seriously with our partners in providing sustainable solutions and products that are properly disposed and recycled whether it is old batteries, used oil or equiments.

Oil Battery Old generators

Used Oil Recycling

Used oil if disposed may create unbearable damage to the environment by polluting soil and water sources. Hence Maac Power considers oil recycling essential. Primary use of used oil is to re-refine it into base stock for lubrication oil. Second use is to burn it for energy. Huge Industrial boils can efficiently burn the used oil with minimum pollution.

Battery Recycling

Over 98%of the components of battery are recycled through smelters and plastic recyclers resulting in one of the greenest product in the industry.

Old Generators recycling

Generator systems that are no longer in use or unacceptable for air quality standards are also scraped and recycled with generator recyclers and used for parts and scraps.

Industries Supported

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Automobile Industry
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Exhibitions
  • Commercial Halls
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Events
  • Petrochemical
  • Communication
  • Contracting
  • Refineries

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