Maac Power Equipments rental llc

We are a power facilitation group with professional set of individuals provides power generators from reputed brands. Our primary service is rentals of generator to various industries from construction, hospitals, malls etc. We support many clients by providing standby power and managing high power requirement for events.With strong reputation as a generator rental company in UAE, MAAC power extended its operation to Saudi Arabia and continues the reputation built over the years. MAAC power is supported by the largest network of distributors and dealers in the generator industry and work alongside with clients to satisfy their power requirements.

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Services we provide

Generator Rental

  1. Portable Generator
  2. Low Voltage to High Voltage.
  3. Power Projects
  4. Capacity to deliver 25KWA to 4MW
  5. All reputed brands

Generator Sales

  1. All reputed brands

Generator Service & Repairs

  1. AMC based
  2. Ad-hoc based
  3. Highly skilled technical team
  4. Service Level Agreement (24 x 7)

Client Testimonials

Our Brands